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  HawkeyeMicrosystems' proprietary technology enables use of human consciousness for solving the problems of our day, such as ad optimization and personal information aggregation and analysis. Human beings can show up for work, pay taxes, and spend money to drive the economy on only a pittance of nature's computation allotment. Perhaps we needed all this brain power in simpler times, but today this wasted energy is a major environmental concern!
  Whenever you use a piece of HawkeyeMicrosystems software, subliminal cues derived using Jungian deep learning are capable of providing a stimulus on a subconcious level. These cues are forms that speak to the most base elements of our symbolic thinking, and your reaction can be measured by typing analysis, webcam eyeball tracking, and measuring shifts in your lifestyle using the apps on your phone, your purchasing and viewing history, and other such markers of mental state.
  In such a way, HawkeyeMicrosystems has created a high latency, but incredible throughput solution to our clients problem, and you are solving the problems of the future right now, along with every other user of HawkeyeMicrosystems software and internet services! Welcome to the Cloud!

'Welcome to the Cloud' is a registered trademark of HawkeyeMicrosystems.
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